A vote count is the number of votes for one option in a vote event.

1. Use cases & requirements

The Count class should have properties for:

  1. option

    e.g. yes, no, or abstain.

  2. count


  3. a group of voters

    The Bosniak, Croat, and Serb groups within the House of Peoples must each have a majority for a motion to pass.

    The functional and geographical constituencies within the Legislative Council of Hong Kong must each have a majority.

    A majority of Democratic Party members voted for a motion, and a majority of Republican Party members voted against the motion.

2. Standard reuse

Few specifications exist for vote totals, and few legislatures publish vote data in a machine-readable format. Basic RDF terms are retained from the inventory of terms.

3. Classes and properties

Term Mapping Definition
Count No rdf:type The number of votes for an option in a vote event
option rdf:type An option in a vote event
value rdf:value The number of votes for an option
group opengov:group A group of voters

For political groups, the range of the group property will be an organization. For ethnic groups, as in the House of Peoples, it will be a foaf:Group with a foaf:name.

4. Serialization

JSON differences from other RDF serializations:

  • The term option is used instead of type, to be consistent with the Vote class.

5. Code lists


Implementations may use values from outside this list.

  • yes
  • no
  • abstain
  • absent
  • not voting
  • paired