Prefix Namespace


The PML Schema reuses the properties sources, externalLinks, startDate and endDate across classes.


Term Person identifier email address gender date of birth date of death head shot one-line biography biography external links name alternate name former name family name given name additional name honorific prefix honorific suffix
foaf Person nick mbox gender birthday img page name nick familyName givenName title
schema Person duns email gender birthDate deathDate image name familyName givenName additionalName honorificPrefix honorificSuffix
vcard Individual hasUID hasEmail hasGender bday DEATHDATE hasPhoto hasUrl fn nickname family-name given-name additional-name honorific-prefi… honorific-suffi…
person Person see schema see schema see schema see schema see schema see foaf see foaf alternative birthName see foaf see foaf see schema see schema see schema
nco PersonContact contactUID hasEmailAddress gender birthDate photo url fullname nickname nameFamily nameGiven nameAdditional nameHonorificPr… nameHonorificSu…
con Person mailbox birthday webPage fullName familyName givenName middleName personalTitle personalSuffix
poder foaf:Person foaf:mbox hasGender bio:birth bio:death foaf:img hasShortBiograp… hasLongBiograph… hasUrl foaf:name alias foaf:familyName foaf:givenName
oparl OParlPerson id email sex last_name first_name academic_title
LDAP person uniqueIdentifie… mail jpegPhoto cn sn givenName initials personalTitle generationQuant…
CIQ Party Identifier ElectronicAddre… Gender BirthDateTime Date FreeTextLines PartyName
NIEM PersonType PersonOtherIden… ContactEmailID Sex BirthDate DeathDate DigitalImage DescriptionText FullName AlternateName MaidenName SurName GivenName MiddleName NamePrefixText NameSuffixText
OpenSocial Person orgIdentifier emails gender birthday photos urls displayName nickname alternateNames familyName givenName middleName honorificPrefix honorificSuffix
Facebook User third_party_id email gender birthday picture bio name last_name first_name
Cornell Person hasIdentifier hasDateOfBirth hasDateOfDeath hasHomepage hasName hasNickname hasLastName hasFirstName hasTitleOfAddre…
PML person identifier externalLinks label


Term Organization name alternate name identifier classification parent organization child organization description founding date dissolution date image
foaf Organization name nick member birthday
schema Organization name legalName duns naics memberOf member description foundingDate dissolutionDate image
org Organization skos:prefLabel skos:altLabel identifier classification subOrganization… hasSubOrganizat… see foaf
vcard Organization organization-na… nickname hasUID bday DEATHDATE hasPhoto
nco OrganizationCon… fullname nickname nie:identifier nie:description birthDate photo
poder foaf:Organizati… foaf:name alias hasTaxId hasMainSector subsidiaryCompa… rdfs:comment bio:birth bio:death hasLogo
oparl OParlBody name id
LDAP organization o uniqueIdentifie… businessCategor… member description
CIQ Party PartyName Identifier Type Relationship Relationship FreeTextLines Date Date
NIEM OrganizationTyp… Name OrganizationDoi… Identification Category Parent DescriptionText EstablishedDate TerminationDate
Cornell Group hasName hasAltName hasAcronym hasGroupTopic hasGroupStartDa… hasGroupEndDate
PML unit label identifier type startDate endDate


Term Membership label role person organization post start date end date
org Membership skos:prefLabel role person organization memberDuring memberDuring
poder Connection hasWorkRole personParticipa… organizationPar… connectionStart… connectionEndDa…
Cornell Membership hasMemberRole hasMember hasMembershipGr… hasMembershipSt… hasMembershipEn…
PML function label categoryIDs functionID startDate endDate


Term Post label alternate label role organization person date of creation date of elimination
schema validFrom validUntil
org Post skos:prefLabel skos:altLabel role postIn heldBy
nco Affiliation title role org
ptop JobPosition withinOrganizat… holder heldFrom heldTo
LDAP organizationalR… cn title o roleOccupant
NIEM PersonEmploymen… PositionName Employer EmployeeReferen…
PMF Role role_name primary_object related_object
PML function label category


Term Address address type postal address telephone
schema PostalAddress contactType telephone
vcard Address rdf:type hasTelephone
locn Address fullAddress
nco PostalAddress
ad tel
LDAP postalAddress telephoneNumber
CIQ Address FreeTextAddress ContactNumber
NIEM AddressType LocationCategor… AddressRepresen… TelephoneNumber
OpenSocial Address type formatted phoneNumbers


Term Motion organization legislative session creator identifier title description text classification object proposal date publication date resolution date requirement result vote events
dcterms publisher creator identifier title description references dateSubmitted issued dateAccepted
schema publisher creator name description text datePublished
PML calendarObjectI… contributorID label proceedingsObje…
AkomaNtoso organization session id refersTo date quorum outcome
Cornell hasChamber, has… hasIdentifier hasDocument hasRelatedDocum… hasDateIntroduc… hasDateOfPublic… hasDateEnacted hasOutcome
Brazil proposição sessão legislat… nome
Canada (vote list) session Description RelatedBill Decision
Canada (vote detail) Sponsor Context RelatedBill Decision
Czech Republic id_organ schuze bod kvorum vysledek
Georgia sessions
Germany Sitzungnr
Hong Kong mover motion result
Ireland vote forum dailnumber votetitle votetext category votedatetime
Italy rif_seduta approvato
Norway (XML) vedtatt sak_votering_li…
Spain Sesion TextoExpediente Asentimiento
Sweden förslagspunkt beteckning rm avser
Switzerland Affair council session author id title description text affairType handling deposit affairVotes
Toronto motion Committee Motion Type Agenda Item # Vote Descriptio… Result
US (House) chamber congress, sessi… vote-question vote-desc vote-type legis-num vote-result
US (Senate list) congress, sessi… question title issue result
US (Senate detail) congress, sessi… question vote_title document, amend… majority_requir… vote_result

Vote event

Term Vote event organization legislative session identifier name motion start time end time result counts votes
schema organizer superEvent name startDate endDate
PML voteEvent identifier label startDate, star… endDate, endTim… options
Akoma Ntoso voting organization session id timeInterval timeInterval outcome
Cornell Vote hasChamber, has… hasVoteID hasDocument hasStartDate hasEndDate hasOutcome
Brazil votação sessão legislat… NUMVOT TEXORDIA nome da proposi… DATAVOT data final, hora final total de votos detalhe
Canada (Hansard) Division DivisionNumber SubjectOfBusine…
Canada (vote list) Vote session number description date Decision
Canada (vote detail) Vote Context Decision
Czech Republic id_organ schuze cislo nazev_dlouhy datum, čas vysledek
Georgia session_x date
Germany Namentliche Abs… Sitzungnr Abstimmnr
Hong Kong vote number vote-date, vote… result vote-summary individual-vote…
Ireland forum dailnumber votenumber
Italy votazione rif_seduta approvato
Norway (XML) sak_votering dagsorden_sak_n… votering_tema votering_tid vedtatt voteringsresult…
Spain Resultado Sesion NumeroVotacion Fecha Asentimiento Totales Votaciones
Sweden votering beteckning rm votering_id punkt datum
Switzerland affairVote council session registrationNum… divisionText submissionText date totalVotes councillorVotes
Toronto recorded vote Committee Date/Time Result
US (House) rollcall-vote chamber congress, sessi… rollcall-num vote-desc action-date, ac… vote-result vote-totals vote-data
US (Senate list) vote congress, sessi… vote_number title vote_date result vote_tally
US (Senate detail) roll_call_vote congress, sessi… vote_number vote_title vote_date vote_result count members


Term Count option value group
Akoma Ntoso count refersTo value
Bulgaria ПГ
Canada (Hansard) DivisionType Type Total
Ireland number party
Switzerland totalVote type count
US House party


Term Vote voter option political group role area
schema ChooseAction agent option
PML vote voterID option
Akoma Ntoso voteAtts by choice as
Canada (Hansard) Affiliation Type
Canada (vote detail) RecordedVote Participant Party Constituency
Czech Republic id_poslanec vysledek
Georgia member vote
Germany Bezeichnung Fraktion/Gruppe
Hong Kong member vote
Ireland member party
Italy voto rif_deputato rif_gruppoParla…
Norway (CSV) Navn Votering Parti Fylke
Norway (XML) representant_vo… representant votering parti fylke
Spain Votacion Diputado Voto Grupo
Sweden namn rost parti valkrets
Switzerland councillorVote councillor decision faction canton
Toronto vote member Vote
US (House) recorded-vote legislator vote party role
US (Senate) member member_full vote_cast party state


Term Area name identifier classification parent area geometry
schema Place name containedIn geo
gadm see spatial name has_code type see spatial
geo SpatialThing location
geom geometry
geop area nameOfficial hasCode
gn Feature name geonamesID featureCode parentFeature
geosparql Feature within hasGeometry
locn Location geographicName seeAlso geometry
spatial Feature PP
GML Feature name id featureType


Term Event name description start time end time location status identifier classification organization attendee parent event next event previous event
schema Event name description startDate endDate location eventStatus organizer attendee superEvent
bio Event date place organization agent followingEvent precedingEvent
event Event time place agent sub_event
icaltzd Vevent summary description dtstart dtend location status uid categories organizer attendee relatedTo
lode Event atTime atPlace involvedAgent
ncal Event summary description dtstart dtend location eventStatus uid categories organizer attendee relatedToParent
ocd startDate endDate
sem Event hasBeginTimeSta… hasEndTimeStamp hasPlace eventType hasActor subEventOf
Cornell Event hasStartDate hasEndDate hasEventLocatio… hasEventType hasSponsoringGr… hasParticipant
PML calendarObject label startDate, star… endDate, endTim… identifier type
OpenCivicData Event name description start_time end_time location status classification participants


Term Speech speaker role label addressee text audio video start time end time title classification keywords language position event group
dcterms Text creator audience date title type subject language isPartOf
schema CreativeWork creator alternateName audience text audio video datePublished title additionalType keywords inLanguage position isPartOf
ocd intervento rif_deputato
bf Text creator intendedAudienc… creationDate title classification category language precededBy event isPartOf
cwork CreativeWork audience dateCreated title category tag
PML contribution contributorID label startDate, star… endDate, endTim… type category lang proceedingsObje…
AkomaNtoso by as from, showAs, s… to startTime endTime num, heading, s… speech, questio… lang
Canada (Hansard) Intervention PersonSpeaking Affiliation Content Timestamp Type language
SayIt Speech speaker speaker_display text audio start_date, sta… end_date, end_t… num, heading, s… type tags event section